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    Your little girl is so creative, I notice th;e9&#3ers a little butterfly too hehe!! This swiss roll recipe seems like a good, yummy and reliable one, look forward to more of your decorated creations too ( joint effort with your daughter perhaps ;p)

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    he will continue to delete, any comments about WW2 and the H man that were not PC according to his â€n€ractioœaeyâr view of PCness. Dennis Mangan is a perfect example of what, , should become our punching bags: conservatives. “Attack the conservatives, don’t fawn after them—that’s the idea that will bear sweet, sweet fruit.”

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    Oh Kim, you just have the best places to shop. Love the pillow! Looks great there, too.Are those curtains that you gave a sneak peek?? I have been stopping by just not commenting much. Been a rough year…Hoping to post something tomorrow.

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    Ik heb sterk de indruk dat het tweede artikel inderdaad beter leesbaar en begrijpelijker is door het vermijden van jargon. Het door jou gebruikte woord “vakjargon” is overigens een contaminatie van “vaktaal” en “jargon”. Foei!

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    Sorry Dr Deji, nut Ogbeni has insulted Igbos in punch beyond contemplation. He deserves to get it, meanwhile learn to ignore rude remarks from all if you re a nice guy, you know Igbos and Yorubas actually have integrated socially and economically by themselves without the help of federal authorities. That is an impeccable achievement for the two, the punch war started from Yorubas taking on GEJ and Igbos defending him, Then we locked horns and this is the results, Sorry Dr, be happy today is Sunday. yippie!!!

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    > eron2foide l’autrucheEn remerciement de vos digressions gastronomiques, je vous offre une pensée pseudo-latine:Pour celui qui ne sait où est le porc, il n’y a pas de vin favorable »

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    I love the spinach + blueberry smoothie combo so much. every time i make it i am just amazed that spinach can taste so sweet. pretty much every smoothie i make is built on a base of frozen banana and almond milk though, so that is also a fave

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    *Thank you* I am so embarrassed by this post (but also flattered beyond belief). You would not believe how red my cheeks are right now. I could give Santa a run for his money. There are so many books that I am looking forward to reading next year but at the top of the list is Bloodstone (Rebel Angels Book 2) by Gillian Philip. In the spirit of all things British last night I felt (for some bizarre reason but I guess it is a Christmas thing) the urge to read some Dickens. I started Great Expectations…

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    Totallylost – think of it from Richard’s point of view. Richard hasn’t been time traveling (that we know of anyway) so he has had a straight forward timeline and in that timeline he last saw John the moment before Ben turned the wheel. At that moment John disappeared in front of his eyes and started time skipping.

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