Chúc Mừng Học Viên Narita TâyNinh 4/2016 Đỗ Visa 100% 2016April students of the results announcement


  Narita TayNinh Co.,Ltd

~ Congratulations Student Narita Xining ~


Congratulations pass ★ Narita Tay Ninh Co., Ltd. 2016 April students all COE certified 100%

Congratulations Student Studying Japan Narita Xining Lock Month 4 Male 2016 Visa has RV Ratio 100% 2 Subsequent years,And Be Recognized As Narita Strategic Partnership Most Important.

Invite the children to Contact Narita Xining At Headquarters
Xining City or for assistance with the exit procedures in the shortest time.
Thank You Parents And Students trust Narita Xining.

Wish You Health And The Romance Meet The Em In Japan.
TM.Van Room Narita Xining In Japan
Nguyen Thi Mai Ly