Du học sinh chọn nước Nhật ngày càng tăng


Du học sinh chọn nước Nhật ngày càng tăng

In addition to European countries is the young Vietnam selected as a stop place to learn and work, but now Japan is also the country attracts students participated in this study. Japan referred to and known for an educational environment is not inferior to European countries and especially with a culture that was long kept very respectful.

Number of international students studying in Vietnam Japan are increasing, is total 3.597 Vietnamese students studying in the country of cherry blossoms, increase 12,4% compare with year 2009. Japan has become an ideal choice for young Vietnam intend to study abroad by outside cultures are quite similar, the Japanese have advanced education, high quality but tuition , the cost of living is relatively cheaper than other countries such as the US, You ... .However a difficult thing for the students is to prepare a Japanese capital good if want to study in Japan by the majority of Japanese universities are taught in Japanese.

Of the total of foreign students studying in Japan, there are about 92,4% students from Asia, while students from Europe accounted for 3,1%, and 1,9% Students from North America.
Theo JASSO, taking 1/5/2010, Chinese students are topped with about 86.173 who is studying in Japan, occupied 60% the total number of international students in Japan. This figure marks a record high, increased 2,7 times over the last decade. Korea ranked second with 20.202 Japanese international students, increase 3% Compared with the last year, followed by Taiwan with 5.297 sinh viên, mitigation 0,7%.
The Japanese government plans to increase the number of international students in the country to around 300.000 students in 2020, while supporting financial resources for the university to receive international students.

With the trend of choosing to study abroad as at present, to find an ideal learning environment is always a top priority. Japan has done it, proof that not only the number of students in Vietnam but also countries in the world increasingly choose Japan as destination for learning and work.

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