Opening Ceremony Japanese Language Center YAMAMOTO


Japanese Language Japanese YAMAMOTO is the first center in Xining City was founded on 14 tháng 6 năm 2017 by Decision No. 902 / QD-SGDDT on the establishment of the Center in the Japanese YAMAMOTO 886 Cách Mạng Tháng 8 , Tay Ninh City.

With the advent of the Japanese center in Xining City YAMAMOTO confirms new landmark on language learning,especially learning Japanese really become necessary in recent years . Japanese not only allow us to have more opportunities to find jobs but also help us add more cultural knowledge, important contribution to the integration needs, cooperation between our country and the world in the language gioi.Mot being the most popular Vietnam today .

Japan is a country with a highly developed economy, Japanese people are known world is hard, diligent and thrifty, high intellectual culture and Japanese standards muc.Biet, you will have the ability as a translator at the Japanese companies are investing in Vietnam with high salaries, traveling, learn the culture and have the opportunity to study abroad.

Japanese Language Center YAMAMOTO was founded with the purpose of creating learning environments for effective Japanese students, sinh viên, commuters in Xining in particular and the country in chung.Nhung you wish to use Japanese in school and at work . Japanese motto is YAMAMOTO Credits, Quality, Flirting with teaching models Japanese style .Rat forward to your cooperation .