Lịch Nghỉ Tết Bính Thân 2016 (旧正月休みのお知らせ)Lunar New Year holiday


★ Narita Xining Please Notice Holidays Calendar 2016 Lunar New Year calmly ★
Xining Day 1 tháng 2 năm 2016                    
Tay Ninh Company Limited Narita
Headquarters: 53 Nguyen Chi Thanh,Suối Đá,Dương Minh Châu,Tây Ninh
Branch: 1027 Cach Mang Thang 8, Xining City
Break time : since 5 tháng 2 come now 14 tháng 2 năm 2016
(Aim 27 tháng 12 to th 7 tháng 1 GET)
Narita Xining sincerely thank your customers for trust and credibility in recent years.
Wishing you a new client in Ankang- Prosperous- Van Su- As the.
Male 2016 Narita Xining will constantly strive to meet the expectations of your customers.
Narita Xining Co., Ltd.
Board of Directors

Announcement of the 2016 Lunar New Year holiday

Tatari イ ni nn February 1, 2016

Narita Tay Ninh(stock)

head office:53Nguyen Chi Thanh,Duong Minh Chau,Tay Ninh

Branch office:1027 Cach Mang Thang 8, Tay Ninh City

2016With the year Vietnam Lunar New Year、Headquarters and branch offices will be taken as a rest as follows:。

Holiday period:2016Year February 5 (gold) from February 14 (Sun)

Many this year companies like、We are grateful for your love of the school like。

2016 year for everyone is bright、As it is a happy one year。

2016Year even while contributing Narita Tay Ninh (Ltd.) is further region、Mai to grow。

Thank you for your support of everyone please。

Narita Tay Ninh (Ltd.)


副 社長 Ly Ngoc DEN