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The school was founded in 2003, in the city of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Narita is regarded as one of the three most livable cities of Japan. Cheap Materials, not too crowded population, there Narita Airport, so students here can easily search for jobs more.

Narita Japanese Language School is a member of the Association to promote education in Japan.

Japanese school in Narita, you will be taught by experienced teachers and outstanding, with an education identical unique, will equip you with the tools needed to enter university lecture halls and graduate.

Besides teaching Japanese, the school also focuses on giving students access to culture, traditional, Japanese people to understand more, and be able to develop all the skills heard literacy and use Japanese as daily communication tool.

Further, by helping you to get acquainted with many people, Narita Japanese Language School will support to your life in Japan will become a giant leap towards your own future.Narita Japanese Language School, located near Narita International Airport (which boasts of an abundance of cargo) is one of the schools of the Sun Valley Group (SunValley International School and Sun Valley Language School) in Narita City. Narita New Town, where our school is located, has many public facilities and natural beauty, and is one of Japan’s most comfortable top 10 towns to live in. Thus, being located in a this city, our school is favourably geared for foreign students to stay and study the Japanese language.

The dormitory room is fully furnished with daily necessities, such as a washing machine, a refrigerator, a micro-wave oven and other cooking utensils.

Scholarship is given to students who were good at an annual examination, but having a good attendance record is essential.

We usually arrange a school trip to Mt. Fuji, Disney Land and the hot springs. We organise sport’s day, ball games, barbecues/and other parties, cherry-blossom-viewing and teach you about Japanese culture.

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