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I. Subjects, criteria:· man and woman, ages 18 to 30, good health, ensuring learning process in Japan.

· Academic level: Graduated PTTHtro up (college graduate, Universities in Vietnam is an advantage when participating in study abroad programs in Japan).

· The trainees return home.
· Flunk students from different study centers can transfer documents to.

· The records were Japanese Immigration missed several times.
· II. Interests of students
Environmental education in quality education leading.
· After graduation, students get a university degree, colleges ... depending on the program selected students, this is the issue to life is extremely important for the future of your business establishment, even if Japan continued stay at work or return to Vietnam.
·The school is supported to ensure 100% students find part-time work after entering the school to cover their costs of living and studying in Japan (Money do more about 1.200 - $ 1,500 / month or higher, depending on the health and foreign language skills). Our students fully capable of self-learning costs, Living in Japan.

· Have the opportunity to stay in Japan to work with high income, stability (space 3.500 – 5.000 USD / month depending on qualifications and foreign language training of Study students after graduation) Japanese law and be allowed to work unlimited time in Japan for graduate students.
· Students after graduation if returned to Vietnam will have more opportunity and choice to work for companies, Japan's large corporations invest in Vietnam.

III. Studying and working in Japan
1. About learning:
Phase 1: Learn Japanese from 1- 2 year and will compete under the Japanese language proficiency level
Phase 2: Learning professionals from 3 – 4 năm
– For students who have qualified high school, Intermediate, College will majored at college level, University.
– For students who already have a university degree will graduate studies, Fellows or learn more by 2 University.
– School at any level is completely dependent on the capacity of Japanese students through stages 1.
2. Overtime during semester:
– After to Japan about 1 tháng, schools as well as the company will introduce additional jobs for students in need.
– Overtime 28h / week, Income depends on the ability of Japanese students, average from 7 – 10 USD / hour (Income from 1200 - 1500USD / tháng ). Work overtime: working at restaurants, factory, Sales at supermarkets ...
3. Scholarship:
– Cases linked to Narita Xining offers school fee exemption policy for students with outstanding achievement based on test results and class time.

IV. Total initial cost:
– Inclusive study records + 3months studying Japanese at Narita Company Xining + translation profile + Visa fees + Notarized…….: 220 million -230 million ( 12 monthly fees and 3 KTX month in Japan)
V. Japanese training bench before exit:
– The HS - SV unknown Japanese language or Japanese language proficiency level not reached 5 (primary) will participate in the preparatory Japanese language courses before exit.
– Classes will commence continuous weekly.

WE. Time and registration procedures:
1. Time exit:
– Ignorant 1: July year 2016 ( previous filing date 30/02/2016 )
– Ignorant 2: Straight 10 năm 2016 (previous filing date 30/05/2016)
– Ignorant 3: Straight 4 năm 2017 (previous filing date 30/11/2016)

2. Registration dossier:
• Birth certificate: 2 copy (not too 6 tháng).
• By high school graduation (graduation certificate) or Intermediate, CD, University: Original + 1 Notarized.
• Transcript from high school or graduate transcripts if Intermediate, CD, University: Original + 1 notarization.
• People ID: 2 notarization (On 1 A4 paper, not too 6 tháng).

• Registration book: 2 notarization (not too 6 tháng).
• Photo 3x4cm: 10 units and photos 4x6cm: 10 the (taken within 3 tháng, White shirt, White background).
• Trainees: Certificate of completion trainees, Passport.
• Paper father's identity card + mother: 2 notarized photocopy.

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